Jeffersonville, IN 47130
"Chief Instigator" with two decades of success in pre- and post-sales engineering, architecting complex IT Cloud and Data Center infrastructures for SMB and Fortune 1000. Business-focused entrepreneur and startup investor, with a reputation for creativity, operational excellence, and structured team management.



Michael Meyer was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. After graduating from Iroquois High School in 1998, Mike attended the University of Kentucky in Lexington, with a double-major for English for Secondary Education and Computer Science. Returning to Louisville in the summer of 2001, Meyer worked in the marketing group of a major manufacturing organization focused on lead generation and retargeting campaigns. This first introduction to the world of marketing began what would be a career layered in Information Technology, marketing, and sales.

In 2008, after years developing expertise in complex network security, information system management, project management, and pre-sales engineering, Meyer joined the team at Peak 10. At Peak 10, Meyer has held several roles in both pre-sales engineering and operations, including Solutions Engineer, National Director of Service Delivery, and Senior Solutions Architect, with team leadership responsibilities.

In 2013, Meyer partnered to form startup digital boutique, Kyntenio. Kyntenio is a digital media and marketing organization with an emphasis on technology advances in the marketing and application fields. Developing the framework for mobile and web applications like 'Real Estate Agent Shield' (an iOS and Android mobile security app for the real estate industry), 'Mission Connection' (a web-based social platform for volunteer work), and 'Officially Connected' (a web-based commerce platform empowering the vast community of professional and semi-professional sports officials), Kyntenio also partners with global ad-tech innovators and Social Media technology firms to provide a comprehensive digital advertising practice.

Expanding his role in the startup community, Mike helped lead the charge for Kyntenio's 2016 partnership with Jason Falls, digital strategist and social media thought-leader, to launch the Conversation Research Institute. CRI mines online data in blogs, forums, and major Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and turns unstructured data sets into market research insights. Meyer's background in emerging technologies, operational discipline, and data segmentation were key in building the practice.

In 2018, Meyer transitioned to Hewlett Packard Enterprise as a Senior Data Architect, continuing to pursue a passion for understanding the growing data environments generated by organizations across the Commonwealth of Kentucky and assisting in architecting storage platforms to support mission-critical workloads. With a reputation for creativity and operational excellence, HPE expanded Meyer's role to include Enterprise clientele in Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, and Southern Ohio.

Meyer is active as the Community Connections Coordinator for The Prisoner's Hope, a 501(c)(3) ministry working with members of the pre-incarcerated, incarcerated, and post-incarcerated communities and their families. He is also currently a student at San Pablo Presbyterian Theological Seminary, studying for a theological training certificate.



With a background in English Literature and a career in technology and sales, Mike's interests are a strange cocktail of faith, technology, literature, and music.

Mike is the author of the now-retired blog "The Solomon Assembly," which was a 3 year exploration of daily expressions and considerations of faith. In 2017, Mike returned to blogging on faith, culture, and personal growth at a new blog, "The Lion in my House."

Mike married Rebecca in the winter of 2004, and together they have three children, Samuel, Kevin, and Ella. Their family is heavily involved in their church and other community activities.



Published "Solomon Assembly: The Book" in Summer 2012, a selection of personal blog postings and scripture studies t serve as a devotional for Christian men. In 2014, the follow up study volume, "The Lion in My House" (later to seed the eponymous blog), was published and provided the content for a series of small group bible studies at Louisville, KY-based churches.

Mike plays guitar, bass, bass guitar, mandolin, and piano. He has ben a member of multiple local bands, including "Mahatma Bambi" and blues-rock trio "MBS."

Mike has won several awards for writing, including the 1998 Spalding University Creative Writing award for poetry.

As a pursuit of passion, Mike is involved in the local startup community, including the now-defunct Southern Indiana startup accelerator, Velocity. He is also involved with the Sullivan College of Technology and Design Technology Advisory Board.